Our economy held to ransom again

The petrol tanker driver dispute has shown us the fragility of our country.

Next time it might be another government or a terrorist act that stops the fuel flowing and then we will have no back up. Whatever the ransom is, we will have to pay it or risk our country and it’s economy collapsing.Oil drums and pump

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Now is the time for Serious Change

Welcome to Serious Change. We’re campaigning for the government to adopt a secure and sustainable energy system for Britain.

Why should we do this?

Producing our own energy puts us back in control of pricing. Currently the fortunes of our country depend heavily on foreign gas and oil prices.Rising oil prices and chart

Energy costs keep spiking due to issues outside of our control. Prices are affected by everything from political activities overseas to changing estimates of oil reserves, and the knock-on affects are felt everywhere from petrol stations to shopping baskets.

Investing in generating our own energy is a long-term solution that will provide stable energy prices. Growing our energy industry will create jobs.

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